Fresh growth: expands its B2B partner network with fruit salad producer mirontell, fruit delivery service fruiton and care sector caterer procuratio


  • Tonnage of perfectly edible surplus fruit from the supply chain is used in sustainable
    fruit salads from mirontell and fruit baskets from fruiton

  • procuratio expands meals for hospitals, retirement and rehabilitation facilities with
    sustainable food from SPRK

  • SPRK gift boxes in planning

Berlin, 13 December 2021:, an impact start-up that reduces food waste along the supply chain with the help of an AI-driven commerce and distribution platform, today announces its growth by adding more B2B collaboration partners. No less than three major partners are joining SPRK's mission to reduce food waste. What's special: Each partner is among the leaders within its business sector. New to the partnership network are the fruit salad producer mirontell, the B2B fruit delivery service for the workplace and home office fruiton, and the catering service provider for hospitals, senior citizen and rehabilitation facilities procuratio.


The customers of the sustainable fruit salads, fruit boxes, the products from the SPRK.manufactory, hand fruit as well as the raw fruit and vegetable goods for further processing include companies, hotels and catering businesses as well as hospitals and care facilities in Berlin and beyond. From now on, mirontell for the production of fruit salads, fruiton for business fruit baskets and procuratio for canteen kitchens will also receive fresh goods from the SPRK ecosystem.


SPRK expects to give 200-300 tonnes of surplus food a second life per month by expanding its network and working with its supply chain partners. This also has a great climate relevance, as it contributes to avoiding 500-750 tonnes of unnecessary CO2 emissions per month, which is related to the amount of the corresponding food production.


Sustainable enjoyment through food redistribution


The SPRK platform captures food surpluses that occur at the beginning and in the middle of
the food supply chain (i.e. at farms, producers, importers, distributors and in central
warehouses) and distributes them quickly to suitable buyers with the help of AI in
consultation with the supply partners.

Alexander Piutti, founder and managing director of says: "With mirontell, fruiton and procuratio, we are expanding our network with relevant key players. High tonnages of perfectly edible fruit and vegetables end up unjustly in the bin every day due to a lack of rapid redistribution, both in Germany and worldwide. Through cooperation, we are actively and specifically closing the loop for valuable food. With our approach, we are also paying tribute to the goals of the coalition government, which are aimed at drastically reducing food waste. We are very much looking forward to working with our new partners, which we are successively expanding nationwide."


mirontell is one of the leading fruit salad producers in Germany. In recent years, mirontell has been able to increase its daily production in the high double-digit tonnage range. Fruit is processed into healthy fruit salads, which are then purchased by hospitals, canteens or hotels. Robert Leuendorf, Lean Manager at mirontell says: "Through the cooperation with SPRK, we are able to set up our offer for our customers in a more sustainable way by not only offering rescued products, but also more regional products. We see great growth potential here, as more and more customers are also actually demanding sustainable products. At the same time, we can act in a more climate-friendly way as a company, which makes us very happy."


Mario Dutenstädter, business manager at fruiton, the provider of fruit at the workplace, adds: "Our target group is especially companies that want to do something good for their employees. We deliver fruit baskets to the office or home office. Through the cooperation with SPRK, we can expand our regional offer of fresh fruit and at the same time make an active and traceable contribution with our customers to make the food supply chain more sustainable, which is great." fruiton delivers the fruit baskets nationwide and has added occasion-related fruit gift boxes for private customers to the range in 2020. SPRK and fruiton plan to launch a joint fruit gift box with branded fruit and products from the SPRK.manufactory, such as paprika chutney or carrot relish.


Frank-Michael Frede, Managing Director of procuratio says: "Food and its value are very close to our hearts and those of our customers in the care market. Many alternative food suppliers and redistributors target end customers, but not restaurateurs or healthcare facilities. For this reason, we are pleased to scale our partnership with SPRK. We are excited to add more fresh regional ingredients to our meals, which will enable us to make our offering much more sustainable."

A business model that protects the climate


Since its founding in March 2020, SPRK has already acquired 15 large operational partners on the supplier side and around 40 B2B partners on the buyer side. To date, SPRK has redistributed or processed around 300 tonnes of food - equivalent to around 750 tonnes of CO2 equivalents that were not produced unnecessarily.


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Berlin-based impact startup GmbH (SPRK) aims to eliminate food waste in the supply chain worldwide and significantly reduce the corresponding climate damage. This is done by building an AI-driven trading and distribution platform for surplus food, in partnership with supply chain actors.

The platform enables rapid and demand-driven redistribution or processing of surplus food that is perfectly edible, with systematic consideration of processing companies and public welfare organizations (NGOs) as buyers and demand partners.


The exact 'match-making' of supply and demand aims to significantly increase the efficiency of the food supply chain and to drastically reduce and avoid food overproduction in the long run. This conserves valuable resources and reduces corresponding CO2 emissions to a large extent.


10 percent of greenhouse gases are caused by the problem of food waste alone: 2.5 billion
tons of food are wasted worldwide every year, 12-20 million tons of which in Germany alone. 60 percent of food surplus already occurs at the beginning and middle of the supply chain, the focus of SPRK as a B2B platform.


Founded in March 2020, the startup's approach is closely aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 12 (Circular Economy, Sustainable Consumption and Production), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 2 (No Hunger) and SDG 17 (Partnerships to Achieve the Goals).


With its innovative technology approach, SPRK won global first place among 2,400 international applicants in the XTC Extreme Tech Challenge (‘Smart Cities’ category) in July 2020, the largest ‘Tech For Good’ competition for sustainable startups. In 2021, SPRK was nominated for the German Federal Award "Zu gut für die Tonne" in the digitalization category.


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