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Vision - Eliminating food waste in the supply chain to protect global resources and avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions as a result.
Mission - Rapid distribution of food oversupply with a data and AI-driven technology approach, while integrating NGOs and production partners on the demand side.

Goal - SPRK´s target impact is to rapidly match millions of tons of  food oversupply with demand - to move from waste to rescue to avoid.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) orient

our business decisions.

Join us and rethink how we consume.

SPRK’s mission is to make the global food supply chain food waste free by turning millions of tons of food oversupply into a sustainable impact venture using AI to understand and anticipate patterns, enabling a rapid redistribution of oversupply - reducing waste disposal and CO2 while making more food available in cities.

We are a Technology-enabled distribution platform, considering NGOs and local processing options and connecting food over supply with demand partners.

Meet The Team

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Alexander Piutti

Founder & CEO

Passionate about impact entrepreneurship & tech4good

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Behrang Nategh

Head of Logistics

Delivering value at minimum costs.

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Christopher Bergau

Head of Marketplace

Impact Driver & People Enabler. Building partnerships that make a difference.

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Sarah Basteck

Head of Marketing & Communications

Marketing leader for change and impact to spread the vision of a sustainable future.

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Martin Meier

Junior Manager
Logistics & Food Production


Professional meat experience and passion for good taste

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Romy Munder

Entrepreneurial Intern

Good design is as little design as possible.

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Isabelle Umlandt

 Impact Associate

Combine people, partnerships and technology to tackle our generation's challenges: make an impact.

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Jana Glock

Entrepreneurial Intern

Enthusiastic to combine sustainable entrepreneurship with digital technologies. 

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Miriam Schimka

Head of People & Corporate Development

Passionate about sustainable solutions that generate measurable social & environmental impact

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Jonas Gontarz

Junior Manager

Operations and Logistics

Professional from the hotel business motivated to battle food waste

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Adrian Krüger

Senior Product Manager


Build the things you wish existed.


Our Advisors & Mission Partners

Entrepreneur - Advisor - Lecturer


Excited to create a sustainable and enjoyable future for all.

Mario Steinbuch
& Advisor

​​Programme Officer of Sustainable Lifestyles

at UNEP 


United Nations

Environment Programme​

Garrette Clark
Programme Officer
at UN*
Foundation Expert

Founding Partner at Legerwall PartGmbB - Lawyers, Tax Consultants and Notaries 

Organizational and corporate law consultant

Founder and representative of charitable institutions

Hans-Eike von

Head of People at Eurowings Digital GmbH

Franziska Weidl
Human Resource

20+ years of experience in web development and ecommerce.

8 years as CTO of Rocket Internet leading a team of 200 engineers.

Ronny Rentner

Lawyer, Auditor, Specialist
Lawyer for Tax Law and
Managing Partner at

Konrad Pochhammer

Marketing data nerd by heart


MD at Dept Data Intelligence


Former Google manager

Marc Preusche
Marketing Data Expert

Co-Founder & CEO at Liefery - the leading German same-day, premium next-day and grocery delivery provider

Jan Onnenberg

Chairman of Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (SEND)


Coordinator of Social Entrepreneurship for Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.

Markus Sauerhammer
Chairman of SEND

Cares about planet and helping to make it a great place for us and our descendants

Christian Rebernik
Product and Tech Enthusiast

Partner at Osborne Clarke practicing corporate law, especially private equity, venture capital, M&A and general corporate issues.

Nicolas Gabrysch
Specialist Lawyer

Using everything is creativity.

Klaus Beckmann
Advisor Culinary

* Garrette Clark is a staff member of the United Nations Environment Programme. She alone is responsible for the views expressed and they do not necessarily represent the decisions or policies of the United Nations Environment Programme.


Wirtschafts- und Technologieförderung für Unternehmen, Investoren und Wissenschaftseinrichtungen

in Berlin.


​​Live & Co-Work in the future - Space Shack is more than just a workspace.

GERMAN TECH promotes entrepreneurship in Germany  through educational programs, innovation awards, meetups and workshops.

​​A catalyst and part of

the biggest global network for social innovation.

Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. - The Network for Social Entrepreneurs and Social Startups in Germany.

Roots Radicals is an authentic, handcrafted and Zero Waste food project that aims to reconnect people with food.

Wir engagieren uns dafür, dass sich die Lebensbedingungen benachteiligter Kinder und Familien hierzulande verbessern.


​​An über 240 Standorten unterstützen wir in Deutschland junge Menschen und Familien durch eine Vielzahl an Angeboten.


Wir stellen Ihnen Catering Service in Berlin, zu jedem Anlass das passende kulinarische Rahmenprogramm.

Seit mehr als 20 Jahren erfreuen wir unsere Kunden mit optima(h)len kulinarischen Catering-Erlebnissen. 

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